Scar Treatment

Scars can be corrected or camouflaged Using the technique called Microneedling/Collegen Induction Therapy to levy the scar smooth and flat as needed with keloids or hypertrophic scars. These innovative techniques can be used to treat numerous cosmetic conditions like:


- Acne Scars

- Surgery scars

- Large Pores

- Fine lines & Wrinkles

- Stretch marks 


We can smooth and diminish  acne scaring and fine lines, while restoring collagen, elasticity, and the melanocytes cells that produce color, resulting in vibrant, smooth, and youthful looking skin. Scars can also be hyper-pigmented or hypo-pigmented, meaning the skin is left either white or dark in color. In these cases, micro-pigmentation for scar camouflage is also used.

Micro-pigmentation is the process of depositing microns of colored pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Micro-pigmentation is a complex pigmentation procedure often requiring several applications and techniques to create blending and natural appearance. This procedure is sought out by those (including both men and women) who wish to camouflage their scars by creating an even skin tone.

Essential oils can also be used to further assist the collagen boosting and healing.  Continued use of essential oils can also assist in preserving the body's natural self-preservation responses, including helping to combat aging of the skin. This benefit is what most people want, especially women who want to age slower and look younger on a consistent basis.