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Thank you for checking out our intuitive card readings online booking page, this service is provided by Eli Perez, he uses a unique blend of Tarot, Oracle, Astrology and Healing Mantra cards to tap into messages from your own intuition and subconscious and pull them to the surface for the soul and body to harmoniously flow towards our higher purpose.  are you ready to schedule an in person session? Great! choose from the options below.
[ Creative, personal, intuitive and fluid, his readings invoke a spiritual response that feels familiar and accurate. as he taps into your spirit guides, there is a level of comfort that is positive, safe, and nurturing with only the best intentions for you in mind ]
Lanay Barnes
Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment
[ extremely gifted in connecting with spirit, guides and the Universe! I was in a place where I was very confused and stuck in life when I went to him, and he was able to raise awareness and wisdom. He answered so many questions that were wearing me down, now I feel like I do not have to worry, because the universe is on my side and I can finally focus on self-healing ]
--kathleen Dallman

 [ from The calmness in his readings, his intuitive energy to his bubbly spirit, Eli knows exactly what to say, when to say it and how to say it as he taps into your inner most being, only to discover what truly lies within your soul. 

Take a deep breathe and let him find YOU! ]