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Pretties Cosmetic Artistry

(208) 513-8010

233 West State Street

Suite C

Eagle, Idaho 83616

Microblading & PMU Training

We Offer several classes including:


- Microblading

- Permanent Cosmetics

- Powder & Combination Brows

- Advanced Color Theory 

- Correction & Removal

- Advanced Marketing & Business Strategies



Attention - Classes are one-on-one and the instructors are truly invested in your education.  You will have the individualized attention required to learn quickly.  Instructors use neuroscience-based techniques that maximize their effectiveness at reaching each student where they are and fostering natural talents to get the artist out of the student.

Instructors are hands-on - Our instructors love helping students while they are still learning and will step in to help if you ask for it or if they see help is needed.  Knowing how you are doing at each step is very helpful for building confidence.  The goal of our instructors is to answer every question and they encourage each student to ask, ask, ask along the way.

Quality driven  -  What sets us apart is our investment in you. Your work reflects back on us and we're going to make sure you leave us with enough knowledge and experience to be successful.  We want to produce amazing and skilled artists that go on to make full careers and love what they do!


1. Get a great education from experts in the field

2. Pay a reasonable fee

3. Enjoy a rewarding career that will pay back your investment in just a few months!

Why Train with Us?

What topics does the class cover?

  • Sanitation and Sterilization practices

  • Infection control 

  • Health department and city compliance

  • Skin anatomy and undertones

  • Color theory

  • Pigments and mixing

  • Brow shaping and design

  • Pre-procedure set up and practices

  • Numbing agents and procedure

  • The art of Microstroke method

  • Step by step clinical procedure

  • Proper depth, pressure and stretching

  • Clinical shadowing 

  • Pre/After care instruction

  • Hands on training of 3-4 models

  • Business building and marketing

  • Building an attractive portfolio

Course Also Includes:

  • Kit for 25 future clients ($400 Value)

  • Textbook and materials 

What happens after the class?

       Training support does not end after certification.  Our facility will be open to our graduates for 1-on-1 support with their future models and clients. They will be allowed to schedule appointments at our facility where they can be supervised and have questions answered for a booth rental fee of just $10 hour.  Also, a unique feature of this course is that students and graduates will be allowed to "audit" future class sessions at no extra cost.  Submission of case studies and questions you have about future clients are always welcome and encouraged. We develop relationships with our students and are invested in their success! 

Is microblading for me?

        Microblading, as any other permanent makeup technique is an Art. While no prior experience in beauty is required,  an artistic eye and attention to detail is highly recommended for success. This process should be done with much care and should not be rushed. Patience is a must! Those who feel confident in their artistic ability, hand-eye coordination and passion for dominating the craft is encouraged to take this course. There are always those who will have immediate ability, and those who will struggle at first. However, we truly believe that with dedication, humility and willingness to learn end up doing fantastic! If you would like to schedule a consultation and "test run" where we let you practice some strokes and get a feel for it, please contact us.

6 Day Microblading Class


3 day 

PMU class